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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In Case You Are Not Over It (The Election Results)

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."

-Richard Bach, Illusions

Hey, in case you are still processing the results of the most recent US election, in case you are not over it, neither am I.

Please don’t get over it, fellow human with a heart in your chest.  

Treasure your trembling.

Your quivering heart beats the drum of your sacred vulnerability. 

Sentient beings accustomed to feeling sentient things are shitting sentient bricks right now.  
Feel the ground shaking? Not just in your belly, but across the globe? 

It’s earthquake time.

Massive shake ups precedes massive wake ups.

"It takes great learning to understand that all things, events, encounters and circumstances are helpful.”

 -A Course in Miracles

Earthquake tremors are here by divine appointment, shaking us loose from old beliefs that no longer serve.

Like the belief that one person in an oval office can have power over you and your life.

That's outdated software.

A president does not preside over your consciousness, nor your creations.
You are in the drivers seat. Perhaps you've been asleep at the wheel, but events like this are designed so that large numbers of people can wake up and drive more consciously.

Not to talk you out of being shaken up.

DONALD TRUMP is our next president. It's HUGE!

If an extra terrestrial race comes to visit us in the next four years, Donald might have a hefty hand at representing humanity and negotiating deals. Perhaps he will make Planet Earth great again. 

I hope you are laughing. Or crying. I'm doing both.


America has had cancer, stage 4, for quite some time.
Washington is clogged and riddled with corruption, gridlocked and unable to move forward and get up to speed with humanity's evolution. Energy is not circulating. 

Obama, whom I consider to be one of the most emotionally intelligent and spiritually evolved Presidents ever to hold office, did his best to address the cancer with the equivalent of healthy eating and gentle cleansing herbs, but a different kind of medicine is needed to wake up mass consciousness. 

Obama's maturity and gentleness, God bless him, is not for stage 4.

Donald is aggressive chemotherapy. From his kind of leadership there will be quite a fallout, and not just our hair.

During these four years of treatment we are going to need to support our immune system, and especially build it back up when the radioactive orange man has exited the body politic. 

You and I are cells in humanity's immune system. 

That is why despair is not an option. Don't indulge. You are needed. 

Come as you are, and follow your passion. You will be put to task.

  Please Don't Polarize

I was raised to be true blue state liberal/democrat, the kind of person who would disdain Donald Trump and all the people who voted for him. 

That’s my upbringing. But is it my highest truth?

Ghandi was once asked if he was a Hindu. 

“Yes I am", he proclaimed. "I am also a Muslim, Christian, a Buddhist and a Jew.” 
I’d like to say, “I am a democrat, republican, green, white, black, hispanic, middle class, first class, coach class, liberal, conservative, progressive, feminist, gay, straight, redneck and transgender.  I am all of these things and none of them."

It is so easy to dig your heels into some kind of attitude that polarizes you. The North Pole and the South Pole are the areas of the planet that are the most isolated and frigid, and so becomes your heart when you perceive yourself as separate and superior to those who vote or think differently than you. 

Please don't polarize.

Labels and ideologies divide us.  

Walk a mile in the other's shoes instead.

Perhaps it’s time for a red, white, and blue hat that says, Make America Whole Again.

Could it be that this election leads to a global crisis, one that is so epic that it compels us to unify in response to it?

Like in the recent movie Arrival, where visitors from outer space forced the competing nations of the earth to rise above what's petty and work harmoniously together?

Could our nation's biggest narcissist end up being a servant to humanity in spite of himself, an Agent Orange for Good?

And how can you and I be helpful?

How can we light candles and stay away from cursing the darkness? Here's two tips, for starters.

1. Be a witness.

2. Don't watch the news.

In 1985 there was a movie called Witness.

Harrison Ford plays a policeman who has to hide out in Amish country to protect an Amish boy who witnesses a corrupt police officer murder someone. 

The bad cop seeks to silence (kill) the boy.

Eventually he finds the farm where they are hiding, capturing the boy and disarming Harrison Ford. Things look pretty bleak.

But Harrison Ford had alerted the entire town, and the corrupt cop, about to do the dirty deed, finds himself surrounded by a hundred peaceful Amish.

They circle around, holding space, observing without reacting. 

But the power they yield is intense, and palpable. The police officer looks around him. Peaceful people with piercing gazes are shining light upon the evil he is about to carry out.

He breaks down and falls to his knees. There is too much witnessing presence for him to go through with it.  Harrison Ford takes his gun away, and arrests him. The boy is saved.

Many of us have been in training for many years to be witnesses. 

It's time to amp it up and circle together.

Some of us will be called to play a more active role; marches on Washington, boycotts, protest songs, peaceful resistance, joining  with the momentum that is just getting started at Standing Rock. 

For those of you inspired to a political arena, Michael Moore’s Facebook Page is a great resource to connect and be informed. 

Adversity Brings Out Such Amazing Things

Although I was just a boy,  I remember Vietnam. I remember the excitement of the social and political revolution brought about by the need to stand up to Richard Nixon and the hypocrisy of the Vietnam War. 

The music, art, comedy and culture that was born from those times still thrills me today.

Can you open your mind to the possibility that the Trump years can be thrilling? 

It's all about what you bring to the table.

It's all about where you choose to focus, and what you do with your precious energy. 

As always, there are but two choices. Lying down or taking a stand. Lighting a candle or cursing the darkness. Fear or love.

Depression and despair are signs you are lying down, curling up into a little ball of ain't it awful, listening to your ego's interpretations, drinking in the cool aid offered by mainstream media. 

Ah, The Media

The news industry is not in the business of keeping your informed. 

It's in the profit based business of keeping you afraid.

If it bleeds it leads.  

Fear sells.

And so we watch, transfixed.

Sure, it's captivating. You are being held captive.

If you must watch, witness yourself while you watch.

Witness how shallow your breathing is. Witness how you barely move when watching or reading.

I do not have a TV. A few days a week I tune into the headlines from Stephen Colbert and a few others comic luminaries. I get enough. And it goes down easy with laughter.

If I catch myself starting to get negative about all the negativity, I turn it off, and work on my attitude.

I take a temporary time-out from YouTube, Facebook, and anything else that my ego is using to keep me afraid in the name of staying informed.

I am inviting you to join me in freeing your mind from the toxic media.

The news is addictive, processed and packaged junk food.

Just say no.

So, to summarize, it looks like Donald Trump is going to be President. Don’t get over it. Do let it move you, accelerate you, shake you, and wake you.

It’s all for the best, but to see it that way takes a leap of faith.

I’ve taken that leap. I'm holding the vision.

And I welcome you to borrow my eyes, temporarily, until you allow your own inner optometrist to adjust your lenses to the clear vision of optimism.

"You are not a realist unless you believe in miracles" 

-Anwar Sadat

I don't do this attitudinal and emotional work all by myself. I have a weekly coaching session with someone who helps me tremendously.

And I, in turn, am a coach and guide for others.  

If you are sensing you can use some help surfing the changes, coping with the holidays, or finding your higher ground while the earth shakes, shoot me an email (scott@scottsongs.com) or give me a call (415-755-8140). 

I'd be honored to assist.

Scott Grace creates some of the most amazing gifts you can possible give, Song Portraits, which  deeply and sweetly honor and appreciate your loved ones in personalized songs.


  1. YA YA AHA from Sashiflag's message and song--ONLY GOOD IS HAPPENING.
    Many Thanks Scott for your beautiful collective uplift

  2. Thanks Scott. Good thoughts. Good direction.