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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Being Grateful for Donald Trump - A Thanksgiving Message

There is something I want to call myself out on:  the tendency to see people who did not vote the way I did as the opposition. Us versus them thinking...

When I think that way I am spreading divisiveness. 

I am right and they are wrong.

There plenty of that going around these days, fires of righteousness burning high, which is a way of avoiding having to face and feel grief and disappointment.

I don't want to fan those flames.

I want to be putting out fires instead, by choosing out of the us versus them mentality.

Two articles and a video helped me shift that over the weekend.

The articles helped me have empathy for those who voted differently.

And that brought me some peace.

The articles are somewhat intellectual. The helped me give deep thought to it all. And that’s been nourishing for me.

I've needed some contemplation and understanding.

Feel like you can use some too?

Here’s the first one, offering wisdom about why Trump got elected…

How Half Of America Lost Its F**king Mind

The second one is about Bringing Empathy into our Politics

And the third is a video by spiritual teacher, Matt Kahn. He gave the talk a few days after the election. I’ve watched it twice, and will continue to watch it. I absorb through repetition.

It's a very positive spin on what is happening.

Please be sure not to watch while multi-tasking, driving, or operating heavy machinery!

Here it is:  The End Of the Old Paradigm

And now, my thanksgiving message...

Being Grateful for Donald Trump


I have been experimenting with being grateful for things my ego judges as shitty.

Like being grateful for 'negative' emotions.

When I am feeling angry,  I am learning to be grateful for how passionate I feel, and how, when I channel my anger towards what want instead of what I don’t want, how my anger can lead to motivation and constructive action. When I’m fired up, I have so much energy at my disposal. I breathe deeper. I’m lucky to be able to feel all that passion.  YAY ANGER!

When I am feeling sad, I can be grateful for my tears as a cleansing agent, the way rain nourishes and replenishes the earth. Sadness opens my heart. I have more compassion for my fellow humans. Sadness is also a form of surrender. It is letting go of being stuck in my head.  Thank you sadness!

Gratitude for fear? Why not! Fear is like my psyche’s military. When I am scared, I can be grateful there is a part of me that is looking out for me. There have been many times in my life fear was an appropriate response and saved my butt. Thank you fear for always being on the lookout for danger. You are here to protect and serve me. I am grateful for your service.

Now, onto the graduate course in Gratitude University.

Can I be grateful for Donald Trump!?!

Recently I asked my spirit guides for help in seeing him differently. 

They blew my mind by saying that they think he is the perfect president for this moment in time.

They offered me this metaphor from my own life:

When I started doing cleanses once a year twenty years ago, I used herbs that I now consider unnecessarily harsh, much too harsh for my body’s present needs. But at that time my system was so clogged it needed dynamite to blast things open and get things flowing again.

My colon in particular was pretty full of shit.

Kind of like Washington D.C. has been for a very long time.

The herbs I used back then I would not use long term, but they did blast the dam and got the river flowing again, thank Goodness.

Now, in my annual ten day cleanse, (which I’ll be doing January 1st though the 10th if anyone might like to join me), the detoxification is much more gentle. I don’t need dynamite. I don’t get headaches, diarrhea, and lose sleep like I did the first few cleanses.

Donald, according to my guides, is America's first cleanse. He is going to shake everything up, and that is what is needed at this time. They say gentler, more positive cleansing agents will soon follow, and they did not see him as President for long…four years ....or less. 

But they said we will look back at the part he played and be grateful. His ego may be in it for the limelight, but the Bigger Picture of our Evolution, sometimes called The Divine Plan, will use him, ego and all, for a greater purpose.

Today's shit, tomorrow's fertilizer.

So I give thanks in advance for the cleanse that is about to happen, Donald and his staff of toxic, abrasive herbs. I give thanks for the vast numbers of people who will get fired up and involved in our political process. Occupy Wall Street was small potatoes compared to what is about to happen.


And... Happy Thanksgiving!

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