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Let's begin with two songs of mine, Teach Me How To Love, and It Takes Courage. They will get you in the mood....

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2. http://ia700400.us.archive.org/4/items/ItTakesCourage/08ItTakesCourage.mp3

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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Creating A World with Less and Less Bullying

At my daughter’s school last week I was invited to sign a petition speaking and standing up against bullying. I did.

Then I went home and wondered what Mother Theresa would do. She was once invited to speak at an anti-war demonstration and declined, saying, “If you have a pro-peace rally, I would be glad to support it.”

So if I am anti-bullying, what am I for?

Then I went down the rabbit hole a little further, remembering that the outside world can only reflect what is already going on inside me. Am I ever a bully? Where is that energy, that approach, living inside me?

And what came up was that I am very good and steeped at bullying…myself! Ouch, but true.

When I judge myself as weak, too sensitive, or failing in some way, I sometime shame and blame and beat myself up… just like a bully would, preying upon those in the schoolyard that might be perceived as weak or extra sensitive. I don’t used fists, but the verbal assaults on my dignity and self-respect are just as violent, and  hurt just as much, if not more. I belittle myself, and then feel quite little. I stop holding, and start scolding myself. To punish is to make one feel puny. Punishing self with shame puts me in my place, or at least the place my ego thinks I belong in. It's a small, painful and quite familiar little place that I huddle in the darkness in.

So, in order to step out of that place and into the light and take another step in learning to love myself, I recently created a round of tapping to release that old habit and replace it with a far more gentle way of being with myself. It’s here:

Healing Your Self-Bullying

Please tap along. You will feel more love, and you will be doing your part to help create a world with less and less bullying, a world where gentleness is celebrated and seen as strength, not weakness.

People bully because they have been treated that way themselves, and are trying to feel better, to re-connect with their own personal power. You will notice in this tapping round that I spend some time and attention on loving and nurturing the bully. It does not work to shame the part of you that is shaming. To judge a part of you as bad or unwanted creates more divisiveness and pain. Love unites, and only love heals. Let's give some AND get some:

Healing Your Self-Bullying



Scott Grace is the Spiritual Dr. Seuss for adults. His YouTubes, which have received over 2.5 million views, can be enjoyed at: https://www.youtube.com/user/skalechstein

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Life Is Not a Serious Business - Lightening Up with Scott Grace

That's me and my daughter being our true selves. It's so freeing to not be hiding behind a mask of seriousness.

Today's post is a small treat, short and sweet. Nothing heavy here. It's more of an appetizer than an entree, easy to digest, and it goes down light. I am pairing it with a YouTube that is anything but dry, a sweet and silly song I recorded in 1989 called Life Is Not a Serious Business.

1989, as I am sure you connoisseurs are aware of, was a great year for ScottSongs.

Drink in the song.  And now, if you are appropriately tipsy, you are ready to nibble on the article.

Life Is Not A Serious Business

By Scott Grace

"Why do dolphins leap joyful from the sea? Why do the morning birds sing? Why does the earth dance in trees and reach forests to the sun? Why do children play? This is a recreational universe. When you remember the play that lifted your heart as a child, you will know the heart of God."

-Ken Carey, The Third Millennium

The first time my daughter played a practical joke on me she was six months old. I was sitting her up on the bed and asking her to hold her arms high so I could put a shirt on her. Just as I was about to get the shirt over her head she suddenly fell back on the bed and had a giggle-fest. She repeated this six times, and each time I pretended I was fooled again and joined her in the giggling.

Kids have a great sense of humor. They just sense... the humor. In the name of growing up, we might feel obliged to teach them some seriousness, but, for God’s sake, let's let them teach us some lightness along the way.

Aysia and I used to play a game. She would wear a certain hat that she called the Name Change Hat. When she wore it, she wielded the power to change names. I would bring her stuffed animals and dolls to her feet as if she was royalty. And then I would pretend to be the stuffy, saying something like: "Oh, I am so excited to finally meet you. I heard you have the power to grant me the perfect new name. Might you? Folks call me Froggy, and I’m tired of it.”

The Name Change Girl would speak in a commanding tone of authority, as if all beings were under her rule: "You are no longer Froggy. Your new name is Groovy Green Thing!”

And I (as the frog) would happily hop away, profusely sputtering out thanks, insanely thrilled about my new name. Then the next animal approached her throne. And the next.

We forgot about that game for awhile and then one day early this year I remembered. We were at a hippie dippy health food restaurant in Santa Cruz, one in which people actually talked to strangers, and I took out the hat. “Remember this, Aysia? Remember the name change hat?” “Of course, Daddy.” Then I walked over to a lively couple sitting at a table near us and whispered, “Would you be willing to do something that would make my daughter’s day?” I explained what I had in mind, and they agreed.

About ten minutes went by, and then one of the women came over to us and said to Aysia, "Aren’t you the Name Change Girl? And isn’t that the Name Change Hat? Might you be willing to give me a new name? I’ve been looking all over for you. I’m so ready!”

Aysia put on the hat and did her magic. Then her partner got in on the action. Both women poured on the excitement and gratitude as if the new names were new cars. I had stumbled upon a couple that were naturally skilled at theatre improvisation. They played it beautifully. Aysia had a huge smile on her face, and asked me if we could do more.

So we did.

We traveled from table to table, inviting children and some adults to get a new name. Almost everyone played along and enjoyed themselves. We left the restaurant giddy with joy.

More recently Aysia has been, with her own free will and without my encouragement, approaching friendly looking people with my iPad in her hands as if it were a menu. She acts like a server and asks them what they would like to eat, sometimes even when we are not in a restaurant. She tells them about the specials, the You Tubes Over Easy, the Facebook Scramble, the Huffington Post Cereal. She reads my apps and riffs on them. All the world's a stage. So precious.

I am of the opinion that seriousness is highly overrated, and that when we are in touch with our true nature, we just can't help but become childlike, lighthearted beings with a great sense of humor. We may not be clever with words, or theatrical at restaurants. But each of us at our core is as fun-loving as a dolphin, as mischievous as a monkey. In moments when fear is absent, the Divine Comedy appears, and whether you are in the audience or on the stage, there is great joy and laughter to be had.

Scott Grace, also called the Spiritual Dr. Seuss, is a conscious comedian and transformational troubadour. Also a life coach by day, offering sessions via phone or Skype. Read more about his coaching practice at Intuitive Life Coaching Jump Starts & Tune Ups or schedule a session at 415 721 2954, or email at info@scottsongs.com

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An Experience on a NYC Subway that Blew my Mind and Opened my Heart

It was hot last week in NYC, and my daughter and I were there visiting relatives. We got on a subway car that happened to not have air conditioning. It was super hot. People were complaining. I immediately got mischievous, pretending to ask for money from fellow passengers to raise funds to fix the subway's air conditioner.

A soldier dressed for active duty was smiling from ear to ear. He must have been extra hot and bothered in his uniform, but he did not seem so.  He was appreciating my attempt at lightening the atmosphere and was giving me more eye contact and positive regard than I was accustomed to receiving in that environment.

Suddenly he shocked me and my daughter by blurting out, “Aren’t you Scott Grace?” When I said yes he launched into a rampage of appreciation for me and my YouTube videos, especially the EFT tapping videos I had put up.

He said they had helped him tremendously and were constant companions on his journey. I was so touched I began tearing up right there in the subway. I gave him a big hug in the oppressive heat, in full view of the other passengers, and thanked him for reminding me who I am and the value of what I do. I was so glad my daughter was there, taking in every aspect of this delightful encounter.

I asked him to tell me a bit about his adventures in the Army, and he did so generously. Brennan was his name, and he told me he felt guided to join the service to serve, to bring light and love into a system that could use it. He was a student of A Course in Miracles, and practiced his lessons faithfully every day.

He emailed me recently and said, "I thought about you today in the field when I thought I had a million problems and I remembered that nothing is wrong. I always forget I'm being held and that's ok too. I love you Sir and you don't have to change.”

Wow. I needed to hear that. Remembering that I don't need to change changes everything! And he called me Sir!

Brennan, I salute you, and thank you for your service. And yes, I will continue to put up YouTubes and serve through my own particular mission, which is to have fun comforting the disturbed and disturbing the comfortable through creativity, playfulness, and love. And to do so with gentleness and ease.... at ease, soldier!

I’ve had my doubts about the time, energy and money that I’ve put into putting up YouTubes. I sometimes think it’s not worth it, and get dis-couraged (removed from my courage).  And then along comes Brennan, an angel in uniform, to remind me that those videos are making a difference and to keep up the good works.

And so I will.

Today I am sharing with you a video of me working with a 9/11 Rescue Worker, a man who was kind enough to let the process be videoed in the hope that it will help others. He was a first responder to the World Trade Center, and was carrying around some emotional and physical baggage that he was ready to let go of. May his vulnerability and commitment to go for a healing inspire you to keep going for yours. As one of my songs says, “We all are at ground zero, and each one plays a part. There still are many trapped inside their hearts.”

Here it is: 911 Rescuer Goes for a Healing

I dedicate it to all us lightworkers who have the courage, in the name of service, to bring light and love to some tough places, whether it be the U.S. Military, your own personal World Trade Center, or an August NYC subway car without air conditioning.

I Am The Light of the World

- A Course in Miracles

Scott Grace, also called the Spiritual Dr. Seuss, is a levity specialist and transformational troubadour that is also a life coach by day, and does sessions via phone or Skype. He can be reached at www.scottsongs.com

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Enjoying Fear, Enjoying Life, and Riding Rollercoasters!

By Scott Grace

That’s my daughter and I on a roller coaster this past weekend in Santa Cruz.

As a child, I used to love roller coasters. I spent most of my adult life avoiding them. What happened?

In my thirties, when staying in my comfort zone was paramount, I went to an amusement park with some friends. They coaxed me (post-adolescent peer pressure) to get on a rollercoaster that challenged both my fear of heights and my biological ability to retain ownership of the contents of my stomach. I believe the technical term is “throw-up ride.” A bunch of young kids were on it too, and as the ride went up, way up, they were laughing, screaming and having great fun.

I wasn’t. My belly knotted in protest, and I was dizzy with fear. Suddenly, the ride went straight down. Fast. I hated every moment and wondered why anyone would pay money for an experience like this. I noticed that the younger kids screamed all the way down, and were totally loving it. What had I missed? What did they know that I wasn’t hip to?

This year my six year old daughter convinced me to ride all kinds of scary rides with her. I said yes mostly to please her, but also to give myself the chance to overcome some fear.

So here I am sitting down with her. She is beaming with joy and excitement. Me too, until I started looking up and contemplating what I had gotten myself into. The safety bar locked into place, but somehow I did not feel safe. We started going up at a snail’s pace, agonizingly slow. My knees began shaking. Panic gripped me. What had I gotten myself into? Damn my codependent tendencies! There was no turning back, and I was dreading it.

Just as we reached the highest point and were about to rapidly descend, Holy Spirit spoke and gave me the key to enjoying rollercoasters. The still, small voice was quite large and commanding: “Scream, Scott, scream! Express yourself! Enjoy the fear!”

I started making strange and interesting sounds at the very top of my lungs. I threw a primal tantrum and held nothing back. Very quickly, my  fear transmuted to a tingling excitement. Laughter bubbled up and out. My need to be on the ground (and in control) dissolved into trust and exhilaration. Whee! I loved it so much, I wanted to ride again.

Perhaps the presence of fear can be a sign that we are courageously buying a ticket to the roller coaster of change, saying yes to the ride’s ups and downs and not paying allegiance to our ego’s plan to keep us small, grounded, safe, secure and unchallenged. Perhaps fear plays an accompanying role in any choice for greater aliveness, passion and healing. And, perhaps, it would behoove us to rediscover that childlike ability to accept and enjoy fear … deeply breathing, tingling, trembling and, yes, screaming at times.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” I would take it a step further. We have nothing to fear. Not even fear. Enjoying ourselves while trembling is a wondrous step in the evolution of becoming free of fear.

I feel a passion to move, and to keep on moving. I’ve been around long enough to know that staying in one predictable place is not only undesirable, but downright impossible. We are always moving, changing and growing. Riding the roller coaster is what we signed up for on this planet. It’s non-negotiable. The more we say yes to the ride, the more we enjoy ourselves.

I wish you great delight in the amusement park. Enjoy the fear. Give yourself permission to scream. Have fun!

Scott Grace, also called the Spiritual Dr. Seuss, is a keynote speaker and transformational troubadour that is also a life coach by day, and does sessions via phone, Facetime or Skype. Read more about his coaching practice at www.scottsongs.com, schedule a session at 415 721 2954, or email at info@scottsongs.com

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Wisdom of I Don't Know

The Dalai Lama is famous for answering the deep questions people throw at him by saying, “I don’t know,” and then laughing uproariously. He’s completely at ease with his not knowing. Wise fellow.

Recently I had a few dates with someone. It’s the first woman I asked out since the ending of a ten year relationship a year and a half ago, unless I count the few dates I had six months out, which served the mighty purpose of reminding me that I was not remotely ready to date.

I shared the news with a close friend, and he asked me, “What’s your intuition say? Do you have a sense if this could become long term?”

Interesting question. My answer? Three words:

"I don’t know.”

Upon hindsight,  I would have liked to laugh uproariously  and then add: "It’s really none of my business. When a movie is beginning, I don’t want my intuition to whisper what will happen in the middle or the end of the movie. I want to let let the story unfold. And by the way, I have a wee bit of trouble hearing a still, small voice when gonads and romantic possibilities are at play."

My ego wants instant soulmate connection, just add water, but instant anything is like junk food thrown in a microwave… it may feel and taste hot and great going down, but when it is digested, assuming it is digestible, is it really good for you in the long run? I think there is something to the art of dating….practicing restraint, practicing holding onto yourself, getting comfortable with the not knowing.

My experience of not knowing was all pervading in college. I did not declare a major. There was a label for people like me. Undecided. I did not like that. It made me squirm. I was feeling so much PRESSURE to decide, pressure from my peers, professors, and especially my parents.  Here I was seventeen years of age, and supposedly all set to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life and commit to it. After giving it a college try for two years I decided to take a break from school and major in having life experiences, making huge mistakes, and seeing some of the world. Thirty five years later, I’m still doing it, and still getting quite an education!

While I was in college, being UNDECIDED meant I got to take all the cool and interesting courses that popped out at me, from New World Imaginations to The Gospel According to Zen. This was at the University of Buffalo, which was labelled the Berkeley of the East during the Vietnam War, as it was a hub for political and social protest and consciousness expansion. Some of the older professors were still hippies, activists, and meditators. One teacher, who taught Death and Dying, was a new student of A Course in Miracles, as was I. She and I had some fabulous extracurricular conversations about the spiritual path we both were starting out on. The thirty year age difference between us melted away as we connected as fellow students and seekers on a level playing field, thanks to the shared humility of I Don’t Know.

A Course in Miracles first seeks to get us to take out the garbage, empty our minds, and face and embrace our not knowing, which is a pre-requisite for acquiring wisdom. Some of the early lessons include: I Do Not Know What Anything Is For, I Do Not Perceive My Own Best Interests, I Do Not Understand Anything I See, and I Am Never Upset For The Reason I Think. If you are looking for ego confidence, a stronger self-image, or clarity of direction, Miracles is not your course. It will drive you nuts.

Usually at the beginning of a coaching session I ask the client what they want to accomplish by the end of the hour. Clarity is a popular intention. People love clarity. Who doesn’t want to see where you are going? It makes driving so much easier! But sometimes it is not a request, but a demand. Demanding clarity can be fear’s strategy of pushing to make things happen, to feel secure and safe by being in control. And that usually backfires. My goal is learning to release fear and feel safe in the magic of the mist, the beauty of the fog. If I embrace the mystery and don’t rush or push things,  the sun will shine on through and bring me what I need. If cultivating a deep trust in the universe is your goal, and it sure is mine, we can skip clarity and go directly to affirming: I Don’t Know, I Don’t Need To Know, and When I Need To Know I Will, in Perfect Divine Timing!

Bob Mandel, in his book Money Mantras, affirms: Since God is the unknown, the more I know I don’t know, the closer I am to God.

I suppose for some hanging out in uncertainty is avoidance of movement, keeping fears at bay, stagnant chi. If that is your case, please stop reading this at once and go make a decision, any decision, and dive into it. Any decision is better than no decision when you are suffering from chronic paralysis caused by over-analysis. Unblock the chi and movement will replace constipation.

For me, being undecided in college was authentic, real, gritty, and opened me to a feast of an education.

And for all of us enrolled here at Earth University, we are practicing making friends with the unknown, and maybe even enjoying it, the way you would enjoy the unfolding of a really good movie, knowing that whatever happens on the projection screen, you will leave the theatre safe and whole, lights on, darkness vanished, and laughing uproariously!

As my friend Jana Stanfield says in one of her songs:

I’m not lost, I am exploring
Life is an adventure worth enjoying
Though I may not know where I’m going
I am not lost, I am exploring
I am not lost, I am exploring

Scott Grace is a life coach who serves worldwide and does sessions via phone or Skype. Read more about his coaching practice at Intuitive Life Coaching Jump Starts & Tune Ups or schedule a free intro session through email at info@scottsongs.com

Monday, December 15, 2014

Jesus Appears on the Tonight Show!

Ah, the holiday season is upon us, a time when Mother Nature draws us inward and Mother Culture draws us shopping.

A close friend of mine has a birthday celebrated worldwide this time of year, though he was really born in July. He is pretty famous, although he doesn't really want all the attention he gets. He has been a regular in the supermarket tabloids for over two thousand years, way before supermarkets were invented. I’ve noticed, like with many celebrities, people make him out to be larger than life. They put him on a pedestal, somehow hoping that his life can save theirs, and like to fixate over the minute details of what he said and did. After he graduated from the lifetime of his that got the most press, people laid the name Jesus on him, but his friends from the old neighborhood called him Jeshua. Still do. Me too.

Jeshua, like all of us, is a stage actor that has played countless roles over countless lifetimes. 

His most popular role has been Prince of Peace, Savior of the World. After retiring/ascending from show business in a glorious spectacle of emotion, he now works tirelessly behind the scenes, whispering lines to the rest of the cast. He guides his fellow performers to choose peace over drama, love over stage fright, and comedy over tragedy. He nudges us, when we finally become willing to listen to a Director other than our egos, to step into our appointed roles and play our parts to the max.

Jeshua does not appreciate the Academy of Christianity giving him the Oscar year after year for Best Savior. He would much rather share the statue with Buddha, Oprah, Robin Williams, me and you. And he would rather not have so much fuss made over him.

In a recent and rare appearance on The Tonight Show, Jeshua had this to say: “Jimmy, thanks so much for having me as a guest so I can give the world a Peace of my mind. That’s all I want, really.  I certainly don’t want to be followed. I get paranoid when I think I'm being followed. And I didn’t ask for all these religions to spring up and make such a big deal of it all. I actually was not a big fan of religion in my time. And my time is still now.

I’m basically a down-to-earth kind of guy. In fact, I came down to earth to spread joy! Just like everyone, I’ve had a few moments here and there on the cross, but I’ve laughed far more that I’ve suffered. Please tell those churches to take all those pictures of me off their walls. How would you like it if they framed you having a horrendous hair day and decided that was the image the world should remember you by? Oh, and another thing: if people want to celebrate my birthday, I’d like to see them giving each other more presence! Simply being present to each other is the greatest gift you can give. Slow down, ease up on the material madness and get into the spirit of the holidays. And for Christ’s sake lighten up! Life is too eternal to be taken seriously!”

Thrilled that Jeshua was speaking so freely, Jimmy encouraged him to continue. Jeshua got excited, “People think of me as not having political ties, but actually I’m quite politically active. I’m pro-choice, pro life, and anti-right. That’s right, anti-right! I want people, all people, to give up this business of caring about who is right. And another thing...” At that point Jimmy had to interrupt and break for some commercials.

When they got back on the air Jeshua asked if he could have a minute for his own commercial. A phone number flashed across the screen and Jeshua explained that this was his new number, a modern way for humanity to call him up and fire away a question, concern or prayer. Mastering the art of multi-tasking, he answers over ten billion calls and texts at the same time. Explaining further, he said, “Traditional churches lead people to believe that to be close to me you have to pay money and have exclusive membership in their club. I want everyone to know it’s easier than you think. In fact, it’s what you think that makes it hard! Just try this: close your eyes, take some breaths, get quiet inside, and phone home. I’ll be there. But you’ve got to believe that you are lovable and capable of having a connection with me, just the way you are. Otherwise, there will be too much static on your end, and there will appear to be a receiver off the hook. If that happens, remind yourself you are worthy of receiving, and repeat the call. If you ever get a busy signal, you are the one that’s too busy. As I’ve said once or twice before, I am with you always. And I can afford to keep my promises. I’m not running for anything!”

Scott Grace chats with Jeshua on a daily basis.  He would like to appear on The Tonight Show someday, but for now appears at www.scottsongs.com

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's The Thought That Counts

By Scott Grace

WARNING: Please do not attempt to read this while driving or operating heavy machinery, and be sure you watch the following brief video first, which serves as an appetizer, as well as extremely pleasurable foreplay: Dr. Seuss’s Reaction to the Law of Attraction!

When I was a teenager I was first exposed to The Law of Attraction via Richard Bach’s book, Illusions. Then I went on to read Think and Grow Rich, and I didn't.

Later on The Secret brought the universal law to the masses and everyone was trying to conjure up money and yachts and relationships with positive thinking and imagery.

Was it just hype made hip through good marketing, or is there some timeless truth to it all?

Can one be an outlaw to the Law of Attraction, or is it working whether you believe it or not, whether you work it or not?

Nowadays, get rich quick schemes aside, I am just plain aware that when I think thoughts that make me feel really good, I, like, feel really good, even if money doesn’t come knocking on my door. Why not choose high quality thoughts that stimulate feel good endorphins? There is no downside to it, as far as I can tell.

And maybe there is more to it than just feeling better.

On July 13 of 2006 a front-page NY Times article caught my eye. The title read: Paralyzed Man Uses Thoughts to Move a Cursor. The story described how, after neuroscientists had implanted a small sensor in his brain, a man had learned to use his thoughts and intentions to control a computer, a television set and a robot.

Wow! I stopped chewing on my breakfast and gave the article my full attention, excited about the implications and possibilities of mainstream science catching on and harnessing the power of thought.

I grew up completely ignorant of the role my thinking plays in the creation of my life. My parents and teachers couldn’t teach me what they didn’t know. My training in this culture taught me to focus my attention in a worrisome way on what I didn’t want, what I didn’t have, and what I fear might happen. The habit has been to run around struggling to make things happen in the external world, like attempting to turn on the appliances one by one when the lights go out instead of checking the fuse-box.

Our beliefs, thoughts and attitudes are the fuse-box.

When I was eighteen I read some books on metaphysics and began experimenting with affirmations. I was writing “I am a money magnet,” twenty times in the morning and again at night. After a few days of this, I walked onto a New York City subway and spied a five-dollar bill on the floor near my feet. Pocketing the surprise, I promptly forgot about it and went about my business. In all my years of living in the city, I had never found any bill larger than a dollar, but I did not link the five-spot with my prosperity implants. The next morning I filled my tummy with pancakes and my mind with money magnetism. I hopped on a city bus and took a seat right next to another loose, unclaimed five-dollar bill. This time I couldn’t deny the connection. I had magnetized some money into my life with my thoughts!

I began to feel creepy. Could my thinking really have that much power? If it was true that I was responsible for magnetizing what came into my life, then that would mean my habit of proceeding through life like a victim was worth discarding, or at least challenging. But I was far too fond of blaming my parents, the government, and God for my problems. Self-inquiry, holding my thoughts and beliefs up to the light of consciousness, was far too scary for my young mind to handle. I put affirmations on the back burner for a spell before I was willing to play with them again.

Three years later I was taking classes in meditation and spirituality offered by Hilda Charlton, a wise and beloved guide who helped thousands in her lifetime. Every Thursday night about four hundred of us students would come to receive her teachings in NYC.

One month she talked a great deal about experiences she was having with visitors from other planets. Hilda claimed that extraterrestrials regularly appeared in her living room and conversed with her about spiritual matters. Each time she brought up the subject in class, I rolled my eyes in disbelief, mentally asking Scottie to beam me up! I couldn’t see how intelligent people could believe that beings from outer space were available for fireside chats.  That was too far out even for me!

One cold, blustery evening Hilda seemed to focus her warm, penetrating gaze directly on me as she addressed the group. “Do you want to know why I’m spending all this time talking to you about ET’s? To get you out of your little mental boxes, that’s why! Some of you are so shut down and closed tight! There’s a whole universe teeming with life out there, dimensions upon dimensions! Open your minds, kids. Free yourself from the pettiness of worshipping your doubts.”

In that moment I clearly saw the fear fueling my skepticism, and I prayed to at least open at the possibility of the existence of extraterrestrial life, telling myself that Hilda had shown herself worthy of my trust many times over and had no reason to be deceitful. I felt an opening, as if my inner skeptic said, “All right, we’ll consider it.”

Two weeks later a friend called. “Scott, I know you sell things on the street, and are open to creative ways to make some cash, and I just discovered two hundred T-shirts in my basement. Wanna sell them? I’ll give you a great price!” I graciously declined, feeling strongly that short sleeve T-shirts would not sell at any price during the winter. “Oh, that’s too bad!” he said. “They have a picture of a UFO landing on the earth and they say ‘I Believe’ on them.”

My head started spinning. I couldn’t rationalize away the synchronicity at play. I bought the ET-shirts and offered them up for sale at Hilda’s classes, selling them all in two nights.

On another occasion a friend who was struggling with having to find a new place to live at the last minute asked me for support. I led her through a visualization in which we imagined the perfect living space coming into her world quickly and easily. We mentally toured the rooms of her new home, giving thanks for what we declared would be the easiest move of her life. As we went through the process we both had some resistance, internally muttering, “This is such Metaphysical Mumbo Jumbo!” We voiced the doubts and laughed at ourselves, admitting, “Hey, this can’t hurt, it might even help, and it sure is fun!”

Two days later my friend, while fetching the morning paper in her bathrobe, noticed a For Rent sign on the lawn of her neighbor to the left. She investigated the situation and ended up moving into the house next door. It turned out to be quite literally the easiest move of her life!

These, and many other experiences, have inspired me to gradually make space in my head for a universe that works with me and for me, as I learn to think in harmony with my desires and not against them.

Using the power of thought instead of a mouse to control a computer… Wow! What will we think of next? How exciting are the possibilities! What if enough of us used our thinking intentionally to create what we most deeply desire? What if a bunch of us humans took a stand as magnets for a happy and peaceful world?

If our thoughts can move a cursor, then what else can they move?

Scott Grace is an intuitive, game changing, changing life coach who serves worldwide and does sessions via phone or Skype. Read more about his coaching practice at Intuitive Life Coaching Jump Starts & Tune Ups or schedule a free intro session through email at info@scottsongs.com