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Let's begin with two songs of mine, Teach Me How To Love, and It Takes Courage. They will get you in the mood....

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2. http://ia700400.us.archive.org/4/items/ItTakesCourage/08ItTakesCourage.mp3

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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Perfecting Your Struggling

By Scott Grace

If you are like me,  there is an annoying voice inside your brain that sometimes whispers things like “easy does it”, “take it easy”, or  “relax, and take a breath.”  This is the sabotaging still small voice that rudely interferes with your ability to push yourself harder, berate yourself when you fail, and follow those standard Puritan Marching Orders we were born to follow. 

I want to support you to fully indulge in your God given right to struggle your way through life. I am on your side!

The good news is that still small voice can be silenced and heard from no more. Here’s how, in three simple steps.

1. Believe and act like your safety, security, and happiness are dependent on people and forces outside of you that you can’t control, and try to control them.

2. If you do not succeed, try harder.

3. Repeat ad nauseous.

For those of you who prefer to keep it complex, here is my six step program that will help you contact your lower power, abstain from ease one day at a time, and even perfect your struggle practice, securing for you adn your loved ones a guaranteed daily overdose of adrenaline.

#1. Harness The Power Of Fearful Thinking - Everybody dwells on fear on occasion. What if I can’t pay my bills? What if I lose my house? What if I get sick? What if I’m alone for life? What if I’m in this relationship for life? But as your struggle coach, I want you to go the extra mile and focus all of your attention on the scariest possible outcomes all of the time. When this discipline has been achieved, you can relax into the certainty that you will always find something to struggle with in any situation, and anxiety, exhaustion and despair will never abandon you again.

#2. Be Busy Till You’re Dizzy - Being too busy to still your mind and take good care of your body is essential on the path to Struggle Realization. Temptation is everywhere these days - health food stores, spas, gyms, yoga studios, meditation classes. It takes courage to resist a pause, to breathe shallowly, and continue to stress while the whole world is reciting mantras, stretching, chanting, and going organic. Remember, as our parents and religious institutions told us, engaging in self-meditation causes blindness, losing sight of all the things right in front of you to struggle with.

So wake up every morning painfully early, splash cold water on your face, brew up your caffeine, and go, speed racer, go! Have you answered all your emails? Who needs a shoulder to lean on? Is there something on TV? Always make sure your life and your mind are filled with clutter and free of those dangerous empty spaces between your thoughts that can disturb your absence of peace. Fight the good fight, and never take off those boxing gloves!

#3. Have A Swinging Good Time – In the 60's and 70's, a swinger was a person who relieved the monotony of monogamy by attending a variety of extra-curricular relationships. Nowadays, the term swingers has broadened, and is often used to refer to seasoned strugglers when they are found swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to another, churning with the thrill of constant crises, skillfully sidestepping the boredom of emotional stability. Would you like to be able to create, at the snap your fingers, a soap opera drenched in struggle anytime you want? All you need to do is to resist your true feelings till you can’t hold them in any longer, and then explode without restraint or care for anyone, especially the ones you care most about. As a practice, try being 100% nice and sweet. Stretch yourself to accommodate someone as much and as long as you can, and then take the lid off and let the steam out, like Mt. Saint Helens does once in a while. There is nothing as satisfying as having a good eruption after being good and silent for a spell. Sure, you’ll make a colossal mess, but think of the colossal struggle it will take to clean it up.

#4. Set Huge Goals, Maintain Unrealistic Expectations - There is nothing more beneficial to your lifestyle of struggle than the habit of reaching for the stars, believing it's all up to you, not getting support, falling short of your lofty goals, and feeling like a huge failure. Taking big leaps and falling flat on your face is paramount for maintaining healthy low self-esteem, which is the foundation of all good struggle. Go for the mountaintop, and don’t look down at your feet on your way. One step at a time is for people satisfied with proceeding at a snail’s pace, always leaving behind a slime trail of serenity, gentleness, balance, and other dismal downers that struggle kings and queens take royal pains to avoid. You can do better than that!

#5. Judge Your Judgments – Every human being judges, but only the ones who have learned the art of judging their own judgments excel in creating epic struggle. Have you ever been known to shame and blame yourself for feeling afraid and stuck, telling yourself that there is something terribly wrong with you for not moving forward? Good! You are on the right track. Now, take your next step. Judge your judgments! Tell yourself that you should know better than to shame and blame yourself. Heap truckloads of guilt on yourself for stooping so low to the curb of self-criticism, yet again. This will make you quite an energetic downer that can’t help but suck energy from those around you. You’ll be the lifelessness of the party!

#6. Get Grounded In The 3 B’s…. Blame, Blame, & Blame - Blaming yourself has already been covered. But don’t rest there. Blame everyone else too. Life’s not going the way you want? Blame, blame, blame! Blame first, ask questions and take responsibility later, if at all. Appropriate targets are Mom and Dad, friends (if you still have any), your mate (if they are still around), Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, big corporations, small minds, and, of course, God. Self-responsibility can lead to issues finding solutions, which flushes good struggle right down the drain. Instead, be generous with the blame dispenser, letting it overflow on everyone, uncontained, uncensored, unedited. Be the victim you were born to be. It's your destiny. Blame, Blame, Blame!

Affirmations For Good Struggle

Every day in every way I am struggling with everything, real or imagined.

Everything is working together to conspire to bring the worst possible outcome to my doorstep.

Life is against me and I am doomed.

This, or something worse, is now manifesting for the highest cost to all concerned.

I no longer have to struggle to create struggle. Struggle happens effortlessly and naturally, within and  around me.

Whatever calamity I can conceive, I can achieve.

I always have everything I need to resist everything that comes my way, and all is hell in my world.

Do you want the antidote to this article?
It's here:
The Ease Factor          
With Joy,
Scott Grace, Ease Ambassador


Sunday, April 17, 2016

Expanding Your Joy Ceiling Through The Roof

With Scott Grace, Your  Joy Ambassador

I have come to believe that how much joy I experience in this life pretty much boils down to how much I allow it. Yet for many of us, after a lifetime of withholding permission from ourselves, we might notice some subtle resistance to expanding our joy allowance.

Last Friday night I moved my joy ceiling up and out, through the roof, and then some.

I took out my guitar after dinner at Good Earth, my beloved neighborhood health food store/restaurant here in Fairfax, CA. They have an outdoor area for dining and a table by a fireplace that qualifies as prime real estate for my intentions. I snagged it via the law of attraction (it was empty) and shared dinner with a friend,  eating as quickly as possible cause I was very excited about dessert.

Dessert in this case was music by the fire... me, my guitar, and a bunch of classic sing-alongs from Cat Stevens to the Beach Boys to the Beatles. First it was just me and my friend, but soon the music charmed, the people gathered, and a few of the flock were quite adept at harmonies. We had moments that surpassed an orgasm in terms of pleasure. I had multiple ear-gasms. It was good for me.

A young man named Josh sat down next to me. He was Caucasian and nineteen years old. But when I closed my eyes, there was nothing white or teenager going on. His voice and his soul sometimes reminded me of Stevie Wonder, Rev. Al Green, and other times Ray Charles. Then he would switch gears and sound like the Beach Boys, or a Gibb from the Bee Gees. The kid had range! I was most impressed with his willingness to let it rip, belting it out without a care about what the neighbors might be thinking. But in this case the neighbors were loving it.

The crowd increased in numbers and volume. Dancers started dancing. Drummers drummed. We stayed till two hours past closing time, getting more and more outrageous, playful, tribal.

The next night I went back for second helpings. A different cast of characters congregated.The fun factor was on par to the previous night. In fact, the word, 'fun' didn't do it justice. It was euphoric.

At some point I had the thought that maybe I’m having too much fun. A police car came by, and I actually had the fear that somehow we were doing something wrong, making too much of a joyful noise, and that they would shut us down. Maybe even write us a ticket or arrest us for loitering, or Joytering, or maybe Creating the Peace.

This wasn’t the first time that leaving my comfort zone in a joyous way has brought up the fear of punishment. I even have caught myself a few times, when people ask me how I’m doing, replying, “I’m having so much fun, I think the Fun Police are after me.”

Now I don’t know where I picked up the idea of a Fun Police, but if the words came of my mouth, I figure they must exist, even if just in my psyche. So this morning I went into meditation and asked to speak to the Chief of the Fun Police and, low and behold, he got on the phone and was as interested in speaking to me as I was in speaking to him.

Scott: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to me.

Fun Police Chief: No problem, I want to talk with you too - but I’ve only got a few minutes — then it’s back to my job.

Scott: And what exactly is that, your job?

Chief: I’m on the lookout for you having too much fun, spontaneity, gaiety, laughter, joy … you know, that sort of thing.

Scott: There’s a danger? Someone could have too much?

Chief: Well, yes! The danger is that if you have too much fun, you might stop thinking about all the things that are wrong with you and your life. You could get real lazy about trying to fix these things, which in my opinion, you already are. Fun, if it isn’t balanced with a generous helping of unpleasantness, is downright irresponsible. And, if you are not suffering and struggling, even just a little bit every day, how deserving could you be of any joy, success and prosperity that come your way? For your own good, we at the Fun Police are here to make sure there’s a limit to your good feelings and good times. We are here to serve and protect.

Scott:  How do you get me to stop having fun?

Chief: Well, it used to be easy enough. A little guilt, properly applied, has always gone a long way. Whispering the “s” word in your ear (as in, “Scott, you’re being selfish”) used to shut you down real fast. What’s making our job difficult lately is that you are entertaining notions so dangerous that, if you really pursued them with abandon, we wouldn’t be able to manage you anymore. You’d always be off just having a good time, while we’d be dealing with more lay-offs here at the station.

Scott: Oh, I see. And what, in a nutshell, are these new notions?

Chief: If I tell you, you have to promise not to share them. Part of our job is to prevent chaos from breaking out, and these are pretty revolutionary ideas, especially if they fall into the hands of the wrong people. You would not want the masses quitting their jobs and letting their inner children run wild in the streets, now would you? It would wreak pandemonium.

Scott: Oh, yes, I can see what you mean. All right, I promise not to disclose what you say — scout’s honor. (I crosses my fingers behind my back)

Chief: OK, then I’ll tell you. You are starting to consider the notion that unconditional, across-the-board self-love and self-acceptance might be more valuable and medicinal than heaping guilt upon yourself and waging war against your faults and inadequacies. You are getting more and more gentle and patient yourself, even imagining there is some kind of Divine Purpose to your wounds, weaknesses and stumblings, and that you just might be evolving and growing at a perfect pace, a pace that does not require pushing and forcing things. You are beginning to trust yourself as your own authority, to guide, serve and protect yourself. How can we do our job against ideas like that? It's like you don't need policing anymore! How do you think that makes us feel?

Also, whenever you used to have too much fun, we would remind you about all of the suffering in the world. Against that tactic you were defenseless, and it would crash and burn your party pretty fast. Nowadays your subconscious just shoots back, “All the more reason to have fun. Somebody’s got to maintain the joy vibration so people in pain are inspired to see there’s another way.”

So, you see, it seems that we at the Fun Police might be forced to go the way of Blockbuster Video stores and Radio Shack. The times are a’changing. Oh, and another thing, you've been meditating again, and that’s even more bad news for us. When you meditate, you go into a witness state, and just watches your thoughts and feelings pass by without judging them or trying to make them go away. Sometimes you even witnesses the Fun Police at work. When you do that, we can’t work at all, cause you fall under the jurisdiction of the Witness Protection Program.

Scott: I can see why you’re worried about your job.

Chief: And I’ve got to get right back to it. I see that you are starting to smile and laugh while you are writing this article. Shame on you!

Scott: Well, Chief, thank you for your time, and for your commitment to serve and protect me from too much fun.

“Why do dolphins leap joyful from the sea? Why do the morning birds sing? Why does the earth dance in trees and reach forests to the sun? Why do children play? The purpose of these realms is enjoyment. This is a recreational universe. When you remember the play that lifted your heart as a child, you will know the heart of God.”
Ken Carey, The Third Millennium

Scott Grace makes his living eluding the Fun Police, and helping others become successful fugitives as well. He is wanted in all fifty states and beyond for Creating the Peace, and Practicing the Presence of Love Without a License. Scott is the creator of the Spiritual Dr. Seuss for Adults Performances (over 2.5 million hits on YouTube) and Song Portraits (Custom Made Songs for Gifts That Honor and Touch the Heart Like No Other)

When you have too many things on your to-do list and you would rather procrastinate them all by surfing the web, consider these Divine Distractions:

See Scott Cut Loose as the Spiritual Dr. Seuss

Song Portraits: Giving the Best Gift Ever - Custom Made Songs For Someone Special

Scott's Outrageous Musical Comedy


Monday, April 11, 2016

How to Get a Song Portrait (A Custom Made Song for Special Occasions to Knock Someone's Socks Off)

An incredible gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations…or for no reason at all.

What if everyone, before they die, had their very own song that honors their unique life, the love they have given, and the contribution they have made? What a wonderful world it would be, to coin a phrase!

We don't have to wait for a special occasion to honor someday special in your life.  But most of us do. We wait and wait, and hopefully, before they make their passing, we let them know our richest feelings of appreciation and love. Sadly, most people are honored the deepest at their funeral. I am on a mission to reverse that, so we don't have to wait until someone is dearly departed before we are the most open hearted.

Move on over, Hallmark. Your fast food days of expressing generic sentiment are over. It's time for gourmet, home cooked gift giving. Like an arrow piercing through defenses and penetrating the heart, a personal, custom made song portrait is hands down the most amazing gift you have ever given. Nothing prepares them for hearing a song all about them, with humor and grace. People just melt. Don’t trust me. Try me. I only get paid when you are over-the-top satisfied and thrilled.


Here is an example of a Song Portrait a son gave his parents for their fiftieth anniversary. He then put together a slide show to go along with the song


A Parents' 50th Anniversary Song 


The Cost: $295 for an MP3 of the song, performed with voice and guitar, delivered to your email inbox.

To start the process email me at info@scottsongs.com or call me at 415 755 8140 to discuss it. I offer a fifteen minute no pressure consultation if you are on the fence about it.

How Getting a Song For Someone Works

First you email me whatever facts, accomplishments, and personal tidbits that you can think of that you might want to appear in the song about them.

Answer the following questions in bullet points and send to info@scottsongs.com 


What makes them special that you celebrate about them?

What do you think they are most proud of?

What do you know of their hopes and dream for their future?

What do they find funny that they might enjoy hearing in the song? Everyone has a unique sense of humor. What's theirs like?

What are a few of the highlights of past, things from their history that have impacted their life? Especially the positive ones, but feel free to include more than that.

Do you want your personal feelings about them in the song? If so, let me know how you feel. Maybe even share some special nickname you have of them or playful words of affection you express.

What words might they use, if any, for their relationship with a higher power? Or would it be wiser to leave that spiritual or religious stuff out of it? 

Do you want the song to be all about celebration and honoring, or might it also offer some support, healing, or affirmation of his or her life path as well? If so, describe one or two of the challenges they face and if you have any ideas about what would be helpful for them to remember and put into practice to get through it.

If they have some favorite sayings that they have posted on their mirror or fridge, phrases or quotes they aspire to live by, please do share them with me. Things like "Easy Does It", "One Day at a Time", etc.

You also might give me some clues as to what music they like, favorite artists, or songs, as I might choose the music based on that.

I am on the lookout for special phrases, sayings, and themes that are meaningful and personal to them. That’s what makes the song so touching, so intimate, so infused with that sense that … “He captured me in a song… OMG, I have my own song!"

The more specific you can get, the more juicy and unique details from their life are included in the song, the more honored they will feel.

Feeling Overwhelmed?  You don't have to be perfect, or even thorough about answering these questions. Have fun, and be joyous about this. It's a labor of love. Go easy on the labor, and focus on the love.

After I get these bullet points from you, I get to work on crafting the song. Although I can do it in a few days, it's ideal to give me a few weeks time, as my schedule might be full, and I enjoy doing this best in a relaxed manner. I’ll email you the lyrics, and you will have a chance to review and give me feedback until it is so right on that you feel certain it will be one of the best presents they ever got. Then I’ll record it and send it to you for a final chance to give your seal of approval.

When you are over the moon about it, then and only then, I record the final version and email it to you. End of story, unless you want some add-ons, like me showing up and singing it to your loved one live. (A couple recently had a Song Portrait, and loved it so much they hired me to travel cross country and sing it at their wedding!)  I could also sing it directly over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime. Technology is so cool! You will also have a choice to upgrade to the highest sound quality, which is when I record it at a state of the art recording studio. Ask me about special pricing for these add-ons.

When you are over the top satisfied, you then send me $295 via PayPal, credit card, or check.

I am so thrilled to be doing this. Sometimes I pinch myself to remind me that I am not dreaming, that I am actually being paid to joyously craft songs that are so unique, so personal, so heartfelt and meaningful.

Thank you for allowing me to do what I love, and allowing me to put your love into words and music.

"I wanted to give my amazing wife a birthday present. I listened and viewed some of Scott's songs on YouTube and thought that it would be an ideal present. From the moment I contacted him, Scott was so helpful with guiding me to provide a concise yet informative bio of Annie's life. On the day he called by FaceTime and sang the birthday song live to her with members of my family present to witness this beautiful moment. Annie was so deeply touched and everyone was amazed at Scott's creative ability. It was a very special present which we now have permanently in our computer. Scott is a very special soul who truly walks his spiritual talk and does it with great humor - which is such a blessing. Thank you Scott"

- John Campbell, Song Portrait Giver

"Thank you so much for helping me and my siblings create a memorable song for our Dad’s big birthday - he LOVED it! And we all loved the process too.  Your patience, warmth, support, in addition to your creative and musical expertise helped make it a very memorable birthday present."

- Melissa J., Song Portrait Giver
"I knew my husband was up to something when he insisted on staying up late one night saying he had some work to do. We always go to bed together so this was strange. Little did I know that he was sending a bio of my life to Scott Grace for a very special birthday present. On my birthday we had a small family gathering and suddenly there was a FaceTime call for me from Scott from the States. He began singing to me and the song was so beautiful it brought me to tears - of joy. It was the most unusual present I've ever received and I now have it in my archives and play it often. Thank you for the joy you spread Scott"

- Dr Anne Moir, Song Portrait Receiver

“Thank you. You gave me the universe in a song. Phrase by phrase, over and over, deeper into my being this song-beacon becomes. I will forever play it as the lullaby of my soul.”

~ Verna Tweddale, Song Portrait Receiver

Scott Grace can be reached at info@scottsongs.com

How I Got Started with Song Portraits

In my adolescence, which lasted well beyond the teenage years, I took LSD more than a hundred times. That I emerged from dangerous drug use relatively unharmed and am here now, with (most of) my brain cells (seemingly) intact, is somewhat of a miracle. I thank my angels for protecting me from my own foolishness during that time. Yet, while under the influence, I occasionally experienced coming attractions of the gifts that would be developing later in life. Like divine carrots, glimpsing these streaks of gold inspired me to dig deeper in my quest to excavate the precious treasures within.
Usually, I took along my favorite spiritual self-study course, A Course in Miracles, to refer to during these psychedelic eld trips. LSD literally made the book come alive for me. (Have you ever seen a book breathe?) I remember picking it up during a particularly hairy hallucination and turning to a lesson stating, “I am upset because I see something that is not there.” Instantly the snakes slithering into my space became butter ies. Other phrases from A Course in Miracles that were handy to refer to in a psychedelic pickle were: “I could see peace instead of this,” and “Forgive, and this will disappear.”

During many of these experiences I would pose questions to the universe, and answers would appear in my mind in song. The music sometimes sounded like big production Broadway show tunes, and the lyrics addressed my questions profoundly, poetically, playfully, and always in rhyme. One time I asked, “Why does guidance always come to me in song?” The answer went something like this:

We know you well, and love you oh so dear
So we speak to you in the language you can hear Some listen best in silence or through art
But music is the language that speaks to your heart!

I began experimenting with asking questions and listening for the musical answers when I was substance free. Over time, as I learned to trust that the songs were always streaming live to me, I found that I didn’t need drugs to get online, and also that this gift was not meant for my ears alone.

One day I was at the Tucson airport waiting for a flight, when I decided to take out my guitar and sing to pass the time. Two other passing guitarists stopped to join in on the fun and back me up. Soon the three of us were surrounded by assorted travelers with an ear or a voice to lend to the jam session. We sang everything from classic Beatles to John Denver’s Leaving On A Jet Plane. At one point, I was afraid that an approaching airport supervisor was going to tell us to stop, but instead he playfully asked if we could entertain there on a daily basis!

I was taking requests from the crowd, letting them direct me, delighting them with my repertoire. (I have been called a human jukebox!) At a certain moment, I experienced a nudge from somewhere inside me to sing Amazing Grace. I squirmed, not wanting to wax religious and possibly rub a few people the wrong way. Yet my ego’s fear was no match in that moment for the promptings of Spirit, and I let go of my concerns long enough to initiate a powerful rendition of the song, joined by most of the crowd, which had been steadily growing in numbers. When we were done singing, a man came
up to me with tears streaming down his face. He told me he’d just come from his mother’s funeral. Amazing Grace, her favorite song, had been sung there. “Just now when I heard it again,” he said, “I felt her presence. I heard her telling me she was quite all right, and that she would always be with me.”

Silently I thanked the universe for using me as an instrument to touch this man’s heart. I also admitted that I would love to be used like that more often!

Music had always been a source of great joy for me, but it was beginning to show up as something I never knew it could be-a delivery system for guidance, healing, and transformation. I found I could open myself up to other realms and become a singing telegram for people. Often the words would address relevant issues that they were dealing with that I had no way of knowing about beforehand. 

At the time, I was living in a study community for A Course in Miracles, and my housemates and friends were grateful to be guinea pigs as I experimented with this most unusual gift. Was I channeling, improvising, or just exercising a heightened sense of spiritual spontaneity? I had no role models or teachers to assist me, until Michael Stillwater came to our community to facilitate a weekend workshop.

Michael had been doing healing work with his music for many years. He shared his own wondrous ability to intuitively create songs for each person in attendance. Watching him work was like seeing a preview of my future self. I asked him for help to bring my own expression out of the closet and into the world. The song he channeled was just the right medicine I needed to go deeper into unwrapping the gift I had been given to give.

I became an instant Michael Stillwater fan. Purchasing his entire collection of recorded music, I learned all of his songs on the guitar, copying his voice and guitar style as best I could. I even went to Hawaii to take part in a retreat he was co-leading. One day his wife, looking for Michael, walked in on me while I was playing one of his songs. She was shocked to find it wasn’t her husband singing. It was quite a thrill for me, to sound that much like my musical mentor.

But I was also finding and expressing my own sound and style, which was even a greater thrill. One evening I was finishing a concert in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. It had been very humorous, and the audience had exhausted its cheek muscles. Everyone was getting up to make a run for the snacks and/or to purchase my recordings, located strategically right next to the food. I heard a commanding voice in my head, as clear as a bell, saying, “Sit people back down in a circle and ask for a volunteer.” 

Before my mind had a chance to debate whether this was truly a voice to trust or a brain spasm from my days of psychedelic overkill, I asked everybody to gather on the oor. I invited someone into the center to receive a song. She spoke a few words about what she wanted support for, and then lay down. People lovingly placed their hands on her, and out of me came a supportive musical message. Everyone was stunned, including me, by the poetic beauty and power of what came through. Other people wanted in on the action, and many other songs followed. 

When I put down my guitar at midnight, was aware that I had just turned a corner, and that my music and my life would never be the same.

How does it happen? It’s still somewhat of a mystery, even to me. How it happens is not my business. My business is to empty my mind, trust, and let it happen. The songs come through without effort. I get a kick out of other people attempting to explain it. In corporate and business circles they call it thinking very fast on my feet. In spiritual circles they call it being a clear channel, tuned in without interference.

My reception is not always static-free. One time a man doing a session with me asked for a song to encourage him as he learned to speak up more in his life. His name was Mike, and he had a Jewish last name. I mention that because when I started to strum the guitar, the music that I felt moved to play was none other than Silent Night. That was quite unsettling to me, given his ethnic background, as well as the fact that the music for these in-the- moment creations was usually fresh and original, not borrowed from a Christmas carol. So, in the ensuing moments of strumming the chords, there was a noisy protest going on in my head. My ego was assuming there had been a mistake in song selection, and attempted through sheer will to get my fingers to change direction. But they stayed the course, and in a second or two I would have to begin singing. This man wasn’t looking for an instrumental guitar version of Silent Night. Suddenly I had the first words in my brain and everything snapped into focus. I started singing: 

No more silent Mike, no more silent Mike Use your voice, clear and bright
Speak your truth and your truth sets you free To love yourself unconditionally
Speak from your power and worth Reclaim your power and worth

More verses followed that addressed other issues he was working on. When I was done, I opened my eyes and looked at Mike with tears streaming down his face and knew that it had been perfect for him. That session inspired me even more to let the voice of doubt fade into the background, and to let the songs of creation simply move through me. 

The trust and ease that I enjoy while letting this gift flow is exhilarating. My deepest aspiration is to experience that in all areas of my life.

To find out how you can have a Song Portrait made for yourself or a loved one, visit: Scott's Custom Made Song Portraits

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why I Do Not Hate or Fear Donald Trump

Donald Trump. Just invoking his name can cause some of my friends to go straight to fear, as if I had uttered the name, Voldemort.

I hold such a different perspectives, and feel moved to share them with you. But before I do, I want to say that I am aware that most of you do not sign up to stay connected to my offerings because you want to hear my political views. For that reason, I do limit these kinds of emails to no more than once a year. And I do speak of the current political environment with the intention to further our emotional well being, as well as our spiritual evolution. It's all grist for the mill.

Some of you might want to delete this email before it brings you down, or sends you straight into your head. Some of you might want to criticize my Pollyanna attitude. And a few of you might consider this really good medicine, just what the song doctor ordered. It is to you that I write this, with the hopes that my words and perspectives might help you heap less suffering upon yourself in regards to all things Trump.

First, let’s have a laugh at it all, by listening to: My Super Funny Donald Trump Song

And now, here’s four reasons why I don’t hate or fear Donald. And why I actually smile when I see him or hear him or even think of him…

1. I’m an Angel! For fifteen years I did not watch the news, putting myself on a conscious, disciplined media fast. I tuned out the negativity so I could learn to tune into my inner media, and learn to raise and maintain my vibration in a crazy world. At a certain point I felt guided to start reading the news again, but only as an angel. I see myself as part human and part angel. My human self reacts. My angel self blesses. I have trained myself to see with my angel eyes when I start to get seriously into my head about politics. My angel self blesses Donald. Sends love his way. And sends a wink to his higher self, knowing he is playing his part to perfection. I love him the way I love Marlon Brando for being such a great Godfather. If I cannot watch or read the news as an angel, I turn it off. No sense being informed if I am going to use that information to lower my vibration and add my negativity to humanity's collective.

2. I just don’t believe in victims and villains anymore. I don’t see Donald as a villain. I do see him as a child of God, playing a part that we all hired him to play, so we can all see with the collective consciousness of humanity just what the ego’s belief system of fear looks and feels and tastes like. When Donald gets aggressive and talks about solutions to complex problems like “Build a wall”, or “Don’t let the Muslims in”, I get excited. Why? Because he is such great teacher, showing us in livid and vivid colors what the ego (yours, mine) sounds and feels like. He shouts: "Aggression is strength! Let me protect you!”  I think the world is rapidly heading towards not tolerating bullies, and that Donald is leading the movement by being the world’s most public bully.

3. All is well is my practice. I used to think, "Maybe all is well on some cosmic level, but…. And there is always a but to butt up against! My finances, my country, Ebola, Donald Trump… the world never ceases to give me contrast, choices, and chances to react. So, my practice is to remember that all is well with Donald and his race to the White House. I see it as a lesson for our country and the world. A lesson that must be played out. And what is my part in that lesson? Do I want to send negativity out as my contribution? Do I want to hate his hatred, or feel threatened by him in any way? A Course in Miracles says, “Nothing real can be threatened.” So I believe I am getting real when I say, All is well, and I send you peace, Donny Trump.

4. Maybe this is just my incurable optimism, but I see Donald as forcing the evolution of the Republican Party. To survive, they are going to have to hit bottom and adapt to the changing times, times that no longer tolerate bigotry.  Donald serves this transformation. He bleeps out the shadow side of the old paradigm consciousness with no censorship at all, as if he had Tourette Sydrome. The narcissism and racism and greed that has always been in the shadows cannot hide anymore.The gig is up. I see it imploding upon itself, hitting bottom. There are no young republicans anymore. There are no college campus movements to support Trump.  White men are now the minority in the country. To me, this is exciting stuff. Donald is acting like a homeopathic remedy. A small dose of his toxicity during the primary is forcing our nation to build a strong immune system, one where the American people will stand up to the bully and show this man the door during the general election. And I don’t believe it will be close. Again, maybe this is just my incurable optimism, but it makes me happy, and I'd rather be a happy optimist than a fearful realist.

So, to those of you who are still giving him your power and allowing Donald to trigger fear, hatred, or any kind of reaction other than love, I hope a few of these points go under your skin and help you keep your personal peace and sanity in our insane, but lovable world. Yes, you have every right to say no to Donald Trump and what he stands for. But let that no be free of fear, gentle, firm and unshakeable.

And then, please, move on to whom and what you say yes to. That’s where your power is. That’s where your love is.

And do take your homeopathic dose of levity by enjoying my hilarious Donald Trump Song:

With Joy,


Scott Kalechstein Grace is the author of Teach Me How To Love, A True Story That Touches Hearts & Helps With The Laundry!, available at Amazon in Kindle or Paperback by clicking on the title.  In addition, he is the Spiritual Dr. Seuss, an inspirational speaker, a transformational humorist, a life coach, and a modern day troubadour. He makes his home in Marin, California and loves presenting at conferences, giving talks, concerts and workshops. Visit http://www.scottsongs.com for more.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Resting Your Case

I was telling a story at a Unity church service  about my encounter with a young woman that happened nineteen years before, and someone stood up in the middle of my sermon and shouted "That was me! I was that woman!" 

It was more than a little juicy, this divine interruption/intervention. But let me back up a bit.

To begin my talk I used the Native American teaching tale about the two wolves. For those of you who haven't heard it:

An old Cherokee was teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy, a fight between two wolves. One of them is greed, arrogance, superiority, resentment, self-pity, guilt, inferiority, lies, false pride, and ego. The other wolf is joy, love, peace, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"

And the grandfather's simple reply: "The one you feed." 

File that away, and now let's go back further in time.

I had a chance to first meet the woman who stood up at church while giving a house concert. Towards the end I was taking requests for personalized healing songs, and someone mentioned that it was her birthday and that she would love a special song. I invited her to come into the center of the room and lie down on the carpet, and people gathered around to lay their hands on her while I brought forth a spontaneous song to honor and celebrate her unique journey. She started to cry. It seemed obvious that her tears were happy ones, as she also had a beaming smile on her face. I kept strumming and delivering the birthday telegram, connecting deeply with her on a soul level with the song. She continued to accompany me with her crying, adding occasional bursts of laughter as percussion.

Perhaps ten minutes went by. The good vibes were contagious, potent, and palpable. I assumed everyone else in the room was flowing with the experience and enjoying themselves, until out of the corner of my eye I registered that one woman had gotten up, found some sage, lit it, and was spreading the incense around the room. She seemed agitated. "What's up with that"? I wondered.

Eventually the concert ended, and after snacks, cassette sales (it was twenty five years ago), and goodbyes, I finally called it a night, feeling more than satisfied with the evening's work/play.

But the following morning I got a telephone call from the lady who had been saging, and she was truly incensed. She spoke with great anxiety and volume, and I put her on speakerphone, partly so my traveling buddy Stephen could hear what she was saying, and also to get a bit of distance from her voice. She let me know, in no uncertain terms, that the night before I had been over the top inappropriate with the song recipient, that the poor, vulnerable, birthday girl I had been singing to had obviously been re-living past sexual abuse, and I ignorantly let the song and her anguished wails go on and on. A real healer would have intervened and not let her drown in her experience. I was not at all trained or equipped to handle such a situation, and I had no business trying to do any healing work I was doing. I should immediately stop going deep with people and stick to lighthearted humor and entertainment. 

She was sure she was doing both the world and me an important service by calling out another New Age charlatan and putting me in my place.

While she was giving me a piece of her mind, Stephen was giving me a peace of his. 

"Scott, this is all her stuff! It's not at all about you. She's deep in a projection. The woman you sang to was having the time of her life! The only abuse going on is happening right now. Don't take this seriously. Don't give her power. Just breathe. You're safe, you're innocent, it's not about you at all!"

Two voices. Two wolves! One howling accusations, and the other reminding me to relax and not to take it personally. Which wolf to feed?

Did I take to heart the sermon from Stephen-Wolf?

Wish I had.

While I sided with him intellectually, the woman's prosecution was far too captivating, as it brought to the surface some long harbored self-doubts. My inner critic blamed and shamed me for weeks, replaying the tape of her words as evidence of my inadequacy and guilt in the courtroom of my mind, and I seriously questioned if I should throw in the towel and leave the healing part of my work to valid professionals with authority and credentials.

Never mind that the woman who received the song left the concert gushing with gratitude. Never mind that I had a folder in my file cabinet filled with piles of handwritten letters of appreciation for the work I had been doing with people. The prosecution had filed a far more forceful and emotionally compelling case, hypnotizing a jury of my fears by continuously chanting the mantra/verdict, "Inadequate, Not Enough, Guilty!"

I've often tried to win the courtroom fight by beating the prosecuting attorney at his own game, feeding my defense with affirmations and declarations of my innocence. For years I have tried. It's been very trying work, and all my trials have left me pretty tired. 

I have had much more success resting my case and laughing it out of court. 

My Spiritual Dr. Seuss poem, How the Guilt Stole Christmas, was written to support myself and others to rest your case instead of trying to win it. It's brilliant, if I can say so myself.

And now, back to the church. The woman jumped up and exclaimed, "That was me! I was the birthday girl, and you were singing to me that night. I'll never forget. It was one of the highlights of my life!"

A part of me that had never been totally sure, relaxed. After the service I got to catch up with her while I munched on church snacks and sold a few CD's. We both were amazed and grateful that we had crossed paths again and got to say hello.

What did I learn from all this? A courtroom is no place for us, God's Innocent Kids. Our innocence needs no defense. I learned to feed the love wolf. That's why we are here doing time. To learn to unlearn guilt and listen to the love wolf. That's our life sentence. Case closed and dismissed.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Have Your Own Private Scott Concert (for you, your family, your party, your friends)

I have performed for audiences ranging from several people to several thousand. While I enjoy the thrill of standing in front of large numbers of people, I actually adore giving personal concerts to small groups even more so.

Living rooms, fireplaces, eye contact, hearts touched, seeing tears well up.

That's where I shine the brightest and enjoy myself the most.

And now, because of modern technology (Skype and FaceTime), I can do that from my living room to yours.

Anywhere you are in the world.

I am inviting me to invite me into your home.

Share me with family and friends.

You can have me any which way you want. Ask me to do funny spiritual songs. Ask me to keep it serious, soulful, and deeply touching. Or both. I can do my Spiritual Dr. Seuss poems, or make up poems in the moment about anyone or anything.

Request me to make up songs about whatever is relevant to you and your peeps. Ask me to make stuff up about your family, your kids, your mate.

Whatever you request I will sing about. Including birthdays and songs to celebrate and honor your loved ones. And yes, you can record it all.

I am being guided to keep the cost of a private concert with me via Skype or Facebook to a minimum. Just to get the energy rolling and building.

The cost will be sliding scale. $100 to $300, suggested contribution. You can gather some friends and ask them to contribute money, or pay for it yourself and host a party.

Or just keep it to yourself or your family. I’d be happy to to this just for you, a solo show.

Let me know you are interested and let’s begin conversation about it.

With Joy,

Scott Grace