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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Lessons Being Learned at Trump University

As an appetizer to today’s main course, have a little listen to:

 An optimistic and playful little song about the end of the world!

"Nothing Real Can Be Threatened."

-A Course in Miracles

This post is about Donald Trump and the sense of threat he either elicits or soothes.

One of the first times I recall feeling a sense of threat was when I was in first grade.

We used to have what were called surprise shelter drills. 

An alarm would go off in the middle of the school day and we had to march out of our classroom into the hallway and crouch down on the floor hugging our heads between our knees.

This was supposedly the safest position to be in just in case a nuclear bomb hit our city.

One day I read up on nuclear bombs and learned how they vaporize human beings instantly, no matter what yoga posture one practices in whatever classroom or hallway.

From then on mushroom cloud nightmares plagued my night life as a growing boy. That shit was whacked!

Teachers of Zen used to whack students on the head with a stick when they got distracted, as if to say, “Wake up! Pay attention! Be here now!”

Here and now we appear to have a Zen stick occupying the oval office, whacking humanity with his every tweet. 

The good news is masses of people are waking up and paying attention.

Welcome to earth 2017, currently populated with humans dealing with the latest installment of PTSD, President Trump Stress Disorder.

Questions That Improve Digestion

Having trouble digesting it all? 

Me too. 

Here are some questions I’ve been chewing on lately that are helping soothe my troubled digestive system.

Could Donald be playing the part of a colonic that is helping to get the crap moving that’s been stuck in our system, igniting masses of previously apathetic people to participate in the political process? 

Could this President Trump Stress Disorder somehow be a part of Divine Order?

What would Jesus do if he were around in this time in history? 

Might he be advising us to love our enemas, or might he advise us to kick the money changer out of the temple?

Or perhaps both?

I like to see our collective adversity as group therapy in which everything that is brought to the table serves the personal growth and evolution of humanity.

"It takes great learning to understand that all things, events, encounters and circumstances are helpful."

~ A Course in Miracles

Donald J. Trump is providing enormous opportunities to bring up Daddy issues and lessons in discernment for all of us to grow.

To many he’s a repeat of an abusive father, a bully that we need to speak up to with a bullhorn, inspiring us to find our voice and take our power back.

And to others he’s Big Daddy, a protector/savior/hero with the balls to say the hard stuff, make the hard decisions, and shake everything up.

It's like there are two worlds.

In one Trump is grabbing our collective pussy, violating our sacred feminine energy.

And in a whole different world, right here on the same planet, Trump supporters are finding their balls, thanks to him. They were already experiencing a sense threat coming from foreigners invading our country through leaky borders/boundaries, taking our jobs and terrorizing our nation.

Here comes Daddy Trump, Towering to the rescue!

I love what Emmanuel, channeled by Pat Rodegast, says in one of his books:

Fear says I will keep you safe. Love whispers, you already are safe.

Those who feel threatened by Trump and those who feel he has come to soothe threat are currently camped out in two diametrically opposed worlds.

Can we agree to disagree?  Can we respect our differences? Is there a rational conversation available when a sense of threat is so active in both camps? Or is this a case like oil and water naturally parting due to forces of nature?

The Chinese symbol for crisis consists of both danger and opportunity.

We called this in for the opportunity. The greater the sense of threat, the greater the healing opportunity available.

But what does one do if you, like me, want all of us to just get along?

I’ve been a peacemaker my whole life. I’m not a fan of strong conflicts, people being hurt. I make my living building bridges, not walls.

But I recognize that nature sometimes burns forests down to make way for new life, and that trying run around putting out fires is not always in our best interests in the long run. 

Let these times burn.

After the fire destroys the old and decaying, new, lush life rises from the ashes.

It's lovely that a Course in Miracles says "Nothing real can be threatened", but then what do we do with our sense of threat that our ego believes is real and valid?

How do you heal, personally, when your nervous system is so freakin’ nervous?

For me, meditation, practicing the lessons of A Course in Miracles, EFT tapping, inner child work, and regular weekly coaching/therapy are all helpful.

But I’m also a big believer in saying NO! And in some cases, NO FUCKING WAY!

If you were a child and you were violated by a parent who used their authority and their power to keep you down,  then this Trump Presidency is your chance to speak up, reclaim your power, and heal the energy of past violation by standing up to present abuse.

If you feel inspired to shout NO! at a perceived injustice or violation, I would encourage you shout it with all your heart and all your resources. 

Liberate your passion. 

No slumping shoulders and no head hanging low.

Time to rise up. This is an uprising. 

And let your NO lead you to your YES that you also express loudly and boldly.

When you are planted in your passionate yes, focused on your positive vision, you no longer have an opposition to oppose.

No opposition. No enemies.

"The opposite of love is fear, but what is all encompassing can have no opposite.”

A Course in Miracles 

Both Trump supporters and detractors have all been feeling threatened. Everyone wants and deserves to feel safe. 

A sense of threat is fueled by the adrenal glands, and adrenaline offer us two choices: fight or flight.

There is so much more to us than that.

We have grown beyond in so many ways. Evolution is with us.

People like Jesus, Martin Luther King and Gandhi have brought to humanity a choice other than fight or flight, a way of being that rests the adrenals and activates the pineal gland, which secretes the wisdom and love that triumph over fright and might every time. 

Love always wins. Eventually. Which is why eternal patience and a Big Picture perspective is vital to keep your spirits up and your light brighlty shining.

We have been here as lightworkers. And now, thanks to the invitation and initiation brought on by Donald Trump, we are also love activists.

Here's your to do list, love activist.

1. Make a stand for what you are marching towards. ( I am pro-love!)

2. Pay no mind to what you are marching away from. (I am not anti-fear)

This is the curriculum here at Trump University.

We are learning to march on the high road already paved by Gandhi, King, Jesus, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman.

There is no opposition, just an opportunity for masses of people to stand up and reclaim Lady Liberty, the welcoming feminine energy of inclusiveness that made this country great.

Trump and his belief system has bitch slapped the rising feminine energy on this planet. And she will not take this lying down. Her time has come, and we will restore her rightful place.

Hell, we stood up to a tyrant king once before, and it worked out pretty well.

Fear says I will keep you safe. Love whispers, You already are safe.

These are exciting times...

For dessert, take a listen to this playful little song about the end of the world:  What If?


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