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Monday, January 18, 2016

The World's First Inner Critic Cleanse

For five days, starting whenever you decide to take the plunge, you are invited to hit the mental RENEW button and heal some of the sludge accumulated over a lifetime of being exposed to toxic levels of self criticism. Yes, we are going to cleanse…. the inner critic. 

 If you can relate to being your own worst enemy and want to instead become your own best friend, if you have no trouble feeling compassion for others, but are much harder on yourself, if you know you should' stop shoulding on yourself but just don’t know how, maybe it’s time for a cleanse.

That’s right, announcing what may be the world’s first Inner Critic Cleanse. Of course, I am being playful here. I am not implying or promising that in a week’s time you can purge all self-criticism from your experience. Old habits die off gradually, slowly. As you build new habits and practice new tools, the old ones fades away. Not in five days. But in those five days I will give you all the tools that have worked for me. You’ll have videos and processes you can come back to again and again over the years. You will have some powerful mojo in your hands, tangible things you can do to feel better when you find yourself in critical condition.

Let me tell you how The Inner Critic Cleanse works.

I will send you an inspiring piece of writing with a tool each day to implement and put into practice.  You will also get a daily video with an EFT tapping round to help re-direct, re-program, soften, heal, tame, and tickle the inner critic. This will help you go beyond the intellectual understanding to a heartfelt experience of being gentle with yourself.

In going on thirty five years of consciously working on myself, I have practiced so many different tools for healing the inner critic. (My critic right now is saying, “You should have fixed me by now!”) So many approaches work, but I have discovered that for different moments and situations I am better off with either a Yin or a Yang approach. Approaching the Critic with Yin medicine means putting into practice the truth that only love heals, and that even the Critic needs love and empathy to soften and ease. It is just trying to protect you, and has good intentions. A Yin approach soothes the critic with compassion, non-resistance. It’s Ghandi, instead of Rocky. It’s unconditionally loving all parts of you, Yin medicine.

But sometimes a fiery Yang approach kicks but and gets the job done. These methods are quicker. Sort of a “Shut Up, Critic, Go To Your Room and Give Me Some Peace!” This approach involves matching its energy, meeting the critical voice with the aggression that might be needed to stop a bully. And that’s what the critic can feel like sometimes, like a big bully that is using shame and blame to shut you down and make you feel bad about yourself.

The critic ain’t a big fan of your creativity. Because he or she is a perfectionist, and creativity is sloppy, messy, and far from perfect, from beginning to end. If your creativity is in the closet, guess who is keeping watch by the closet door, and guess what happens when you start to work with the critic...more permission to be creative!

I have allowed myself the creation of a lifelong dream, to publish a book, as well as many other dreams. I have recorded nine professional music CD’s, and have created hundreds of songs, poems and YouTubes for one reason: Because I’ve learned to silence, or at least lower the volume, of my fearful critical voice. The critic is not fond of you creating anything, going for your dreams or taking risks. It exists and functions to keep you small, safe, and protected. Anything new is dangerous, a threat. And it will do anything and everything in its power to make sure you stay in your comfort zone.

The critical voice has no power but the power you have been giving it. And you can cut off it's power source.

I invite you to take one week out of your life where your intention, your inner commitment, is on taking back your power, healing and not feeding the critical voice in your head. I will be your guide. I will hold your hand as you stand up to the bully.

What I ask from you is a willingness to read and really ponder the words I send, tap along and breathe deeply to my videos, and in general be willing to do the homework, which include some writing exercises (journaling), visualizations, and some mirror work. In general, if you are open and curious and willing to try new things, you will do great. Be a good beginner, bring a Zen mind, and you will have a shift. 

I will be showering your inbox with tools and tappings, songs and ideas. If even one or two of the tools you take to heart and practice, this course, this cleanse, will improve the quality of your life for the rest of your life. It will work if you work it. Your willingness is the deciding factor.

Please take a moment now and imaging your life with a significant reduction of static from the inner critic. Life with an inner critic who has far less power to guilt trip or fear trip you into staying in your comfort zone, or to talk you out of feeling good about yourself. Life with a strong positive inner voice in your head that is on your side, lifting you up and helping you keep the faith.

What will the cleanse cost?  I’d like $100 for my time and talents. There is a referral reward of $20 off for each person who comes to the cleanse because of your efforts, so get five friends and you could do it for free. How many people do you know in your life are in critical condition because of their inner critic? We all could use some help on this issue.

I would also recommend a coaching session with me so you can have some personal support, helping you clarify your goals and kick some critic butt. And, if you are wanting to seize this opportunity for all its worth, a follow up coaching session after it is over would be my suggestion. The inner critic thrives and grows, like anaerobic bacteria, in the dark. When you shine a light on it, it shrinks. Allow me to hold the light for you and with you on this issue.

Nothing says commitment more in this culture then money. When you invest money in your personal growth, you are putting your money where your mouth is, putting your psyche on alert, and letting the universe know you mean business. You are committing to loving yourself more fully, and developing  a positive, encouraging, nurturing and unconditionally loving inner voice.

Warning: The inner critic will not like you doing this cleanse. It will tell you it is too expensive (HA!), and that you are being swindled out of your money by a charlatan who knows you are vulnerable on this issue and is preying upon you. It will tell you you don’t have enough time. It will preach the gospel of,  “You will probably be the one person who doesn’t get value from it. You will fail this cleanse!” Do you see that the inner critic is just fear disguised as doubt, distrust, and aggression, aggression  turned towards you? You are bullying yourself! Stand up to the bully!

And you don’t have to do it alone. We will do this together. It’s less scary, and more fun that way.

The moment you say you are in and send me the money…. you re in!  I would also suggest writing a paragraph or two about what you most want to get out of the course, how the inner critic has held you back in your life, your particular relationship with inner criticism. And also, ponder and write a bit about your critics biggest complaint about you. (My critic might say “Scott is a lazy bum who sits on his assets and only shares a fraction of what he is capable of giving to the world!)

Tired of the critic talking trash about you? Let me know you are in by emailing me at scott@scottsongs.com

You can join the program for $100 and get all the videos, EFT tapping and songs and essays. I will pour my heart out to you for the week. You can email me with particular questions and concerns. I will answer.

For an extra $80 ($40 less than a usual regular private session)  you will also receive an hour long  personal coaching session with me over the phone, FaceTime or Skype, complete with EFT tapping and a custom made song channeled just for you. Both the tapping and the song will be recorded by me and emailed to you promptly after the session. I would suggest that the healing session be early in the week, or even this week, so I can help you clarify how you can get the most out of the Critic Cleanse Week.

If you want even more support, if you are super intent on using this cleanse as an opportunity for a major turnaround and course correction, a session with me before and after the cleanse is suggested. For $260 (an $80 discount from my usual coaching fees), you would get the program, plus those two sessions. And I would encourage that second coaching session be scheduled for the week after, for maximum affect.

Can you feel the potential of you devoting some time to this topic? I can. My inner critic is trembling, letting me know I have no right to offer this. And if my critic is this scared, protesting this loudly, I know something wonderful is about to happen. Join me.

In Joy,
Scott Grace

PS. You can sign up for the Critic Cleanse  at whatever level you desire by sending $100, $180, $260 to my Pay Pal account at paypal.me/scottgrace. Please send via Friends and Family.

You can also pay by sending  a check via snail mail to Scott Grace, 162 Forrest Avenue, Fairfax, CA, 94930. Let me know when the check is in the mail.

Or you can use plastic. To pay with a card email me at scott@scottsongs.com and I’ll let you know how to do that.

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