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Monday, December 7, 2015

Coming Home to Yourself For The Holidays

Welcome to these here holidays, the season of light.

The last few years I’ve had several dark Decembers, heart hurting, struggling emotionally to get through the holidays. You could say the grinch (my ego) has stolen Christmas.

And I know I am not alone in feeling down this time of year. The holidays amplify any shadows that have not yet been brought to the light.

My daughter is going to be with her mother for a week this Christmas. Last year they were in Germany for a few weeks, and being away from my darling daughter for the holidays triggered some pretty painful stuff. I got through it, but getting through it (surviving) is not what I am after.

This year I’d like to reach out to others who might be having a difficult time of year as well. I’d like to hold hands with a tribe of people and join together in not just getting though it, but in being our best and brightest selves during this season of light. Or at least having a more consistent sense of humor.  Gosh, sometimes that’s the best I can do.
If you are prone to holiday blues, grief, loneliness, self-pity, or the stress of trying to please everyone, or just the madness and overwhelm that might come from being with relatives that push your buttons, I would like to support you this year.

I am introducing, drum roll, please, a seven day support system called:

Coming Home To Yourself For The Holidays

It’s designed to help you not just go through the holidays, but to grow through them, and maybe even glow through them.

If you join, from December 19 through December 25th you will get a love note from me about a particular issue that we deal with during the holidays, something you can and will relate to.

I will also create and compose healing songs, and also make tapping videos to help deal with and maybe even clear the issues. I will be going all out to support you. We will go through a week of life together.

The issues I will address? You tell me. When you sign up for the course you are welcome to write in and tell me what you go through this time of year. Loneliness, self judgement, self pity, dealing with relatives, missing family, longing for a mate, trying to please everybody you love and falling short, general stress, emotional overwhelm? 

What’s on your plate?

The more personal you get with me, the more personal support you will receive.

Some of my writings and videos will be inspired by what I am going through, and others will come directly from your sharings and requests. I will keep your name out of it and everything you share with me will be confidential.

If you join the program, it is suggested that you send me a paragraph or two about what you find hardest about the holiday season, and what you believe you need to release and come to peace with to have more peace and maybe even some Holiday Cheer for these here holidays.

Here are the logistics and finances.

I have been guided to open this up for ten people. No more. This is not McDonalds. I want to offer you some gourmet support, not fast food.

You can join the program for $100 and get all the videos, EFT tapping and songs and essays. I will pour my heart out to you for seven days. That’s the minimum entry level.

For $200 you will also receive a private and personal coaching session with me over the  phone, FaceTime or Skype, complete with EFT tapping and a custom made song channeled just for you. Both the tapping and the song will be recorded by me and emailed to you promptly after the session. I would suggest that the healing session be early in the week, between Dec 19th and the 22nd.

Or, if you want even more support, if you are super intent on using this season as an opportunity for healing, for $300 you would get the program, plus two coaching sessions. And that second coaching session can be on Christmas Eve day or Christmas. If Santa is working hard on those days, so can I.

One more level. We can speak and/or email as much as once a day for that time period for $500. Basically, at that level I am your personal holiday healer and coach the way some folks have a personal chef. For seven days you will have me as your personal healing chef…..

My number one commitment this year is being a compassionate and caring guide for those whom, like I have, find the holidays extra challenging and painful.

There is no reason to feel alone and unsupported. Help is available. I am available.

This is what I do best, assisting people who are working with issues I am in the process of getting through. As A Course in Miracles says, “You teach what you need to learn.” We teach and learn together. I am no guru, but those of you who have had a session with me know that I am quite gifted at tuning in to a person, listening with a caring and compassionate heart,, and saying just the ‘right’ things to help the healing process along. I don’t offer quick fixes or dogmatic cliches, but I do do my best to ‘get’ you as a unique human being, and reflect back to you how lovable and capable you are at being you.

You can sign up for Coming Home To Yourself For The Holidays  at whatever level you desire by sending $100, $200, $300 or $500 to my Pay Pal account, scott@scottsongs.com

You can also pay by sending  a check via snail mail to Scott Grace, 162 Forrest Avenue, Fairfax, CA, 94930. Let me know when the check is in the mail.

Or you can use plastic. To pay with a card email me at scott@scottsongs.com and I’ll let you know how to do that.

Most folks tend to isolate and white knuckle it during the holidays. And eat tons of food to dull the pain. Getting support is an unusual thing to do. It takes courage. It’s the road less traveled.

The moment you make a decision to do something like this,  the healing begins. When you invest money in yourself and write that little essay about what comes up for you this time of year and what you are wanting support for,  you will be saying to the universe, “I am ready for a deep healing this year.” And the healing will begin. Stuff will come up. And instead of just enduring it, you might just find yourself resolving it.

If there is a way I can hold your hand for these seven days and help you move forward, I will. That’s my commitment to you. What’s yours?

With Love,
Scott Grace


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