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Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Adventures in Sausalito with Youth From All Over the World

(...with two of the foreign exchange students I ran into last week in Sausalito...)

I love being around young people, being around their hope, vision, and enthusiasm.

And I especially love making a difference in their lives.

Last week a young man from Germany in his early twenties who was here studying dance stayed at our house. Ralf and I shared some meals, and also some songs on the guitar. He came with me to the local health food store, where I love singing classic songs from the 60's and 70's by the fireplace and getting others to join in. He watched me several times gather a tribe and build a sense of community through music. He was really touched.

When it was time to part ways, he told me that he was going back to Germany with the courage to play his guitar for the first time in public on street corners. He blamed me for inspiring him. I accepted the blame, and thanked him for injecting some of his youthful energy into my life experience. His last words to me: “Scott, you will always be in my heart.”

Such purity. Ralf was an angel, like all of us, but it seemed he was more aware of it than many of us who have had more time, more opportunities to cover up our angel-hood.

Last Saturday I met up with fifteen more youth angels while in Sausalito, a busy Marin County town brimming with tourists right across the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.  I was there with my guitar, making up[ songs for anyone who accepted my invitation to be serenaded. Two of my friends were there with me with Free Hugs signs held high, doing their thing.

We ran into a group of foreign exchange students from countries as diverse as Germany, Italy, France, Bolivia, South Africa, etc. I asked if they could come with me to a patch of grass and sit in a circle, and they did. I made up a song to honor them for their brave journey to the U.S.

We also sang some songs together,  Imagine, We Are the World, and  Don’t Worry Be Happy.

They were on a global adventure, brimming with love of life, trusting the universe to support them in a foreign land. Our meeting and our singing together brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad for my smart phone, YouTube, and how easy it has become to share these experiences with the rest of the world.

You included.

Are you up for enjoying some of the energy and receiving a joy transmission?

If so, click here: Adventures with Foreign Exchange Students in Sausalito

Being around young people for me is as life giving as being around nature. I love breathing them in and and inhaling their energy, hope, and enthusiasm, revitalizing my own energy, hope, and enthusiasm.

I would like to complete this sharing with a song inspired by a very special three year old child I met and serenaded in 1987 in Central Park.

I wrote this while I was having an LSD experience (the 80's were my 60's). I was surprised the next day when I remembered the song and found that it still had rich meaning and emotional impact while not tripping. A month later I recorded it with a full band and choir at an Interfaith Church in Doylestown, PA called Pebble Hill.

You can enjoy it by clicking here

I no longer do LSD, but I do enjoy a contact high when coming in contact with young people.

And now, thanks to YouTube and technology, you can get one from us:

Adventures with Foreign Exchange Students in Sausalito 

We are all on a global adventure together, learning to trust and feel safe in what can feel like a strange and foreign land.

Reaching out to others, especially the younger generation, takes the concept of 'foreign' right out of my heart and replaces it with family. A human family. We may not be all sitting in a circle singing Imagine, but we are surely all in this together.

About Scott

 Scott Grace, described by authorities as a cross between John Denver, Robin Williams and Dr. Seuss, is wanted worldwide for creating the peace and using levity to defy gravity. 

Contact with Scott is likely to be hazardous to your misery, as he has consistently provoked outbursts of joyful giddiness in four out of five laboratory humans tested.

It is rumored that Scott’s work has so threatened to cut into the sales of anti-depressants that pharmaceutical companies have offered him millions to retire. 

To the shock and dismay of his inner critic, Scott published a book, called: Teach Me How To Love A True Story that Touches Hearts & Helps with the Laundry! Many have raved about it on Amazon, and rumor has it that the numerous five star reviews were put up by readers who were unwittingly intoxicated while breathing in the spirits emanating from its pages.

Scott has been known to practice life coaching without a license, eluding the police by working over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime. He fancies himself an intuitive, and smuggles wisdom and guidance over the border from beings he calls spirit guides, who are also not licensed, and who have allegedly not filed a tax return in several lifetimes.

As a motivational speaker, Scott gives keynotes using a stolen identity, a.k.a. the Spiritual Dr. Seuss. His feel good viruses on YouTube have infected over 2.5 million people with just four of his  contagious Dr. Seuss-like videos.

As a front, Scott does do various legal, above the board activities. He has produced nine CD’s and a DVD of his original music and comedy. He shows up as a guest speaker and singer at churches, non-profits, schools, and corporate events. As a stand up comedian in the Bay Area, he has shared the stage with Dana Carvey and Robin Williams.

But don't be fooled. His rampage of Song Portraits, custom made personalized song-gifts that honor people for their birthdays, anniversaries, or for no reason at all, have been killing people softly with their song since 1987. Authorities would very much like your help in apprehending Scott. Try catching him on the web at www.scottsongs.com, or on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/user/skalechstein 

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  1. Hello Scott, Confession. Gertrude Gildersleeves is not
    really my name. I try to balance my need for privacy with sharing on the net, so at times I have some pseudo names.
    I'm glad you met those exchange students. Thanks for
    sharing about Ralf and how you inspired him to go back to
    Germany and play music in public places. Also, I love the Central Park videos especially when you spoke with the elderly woman on the park bench It just shows how you can have meaning in your life every day just by reaching out. Of coarse music is a special way of doing that.
    As to the format, use whatever works. I'm a fan
    I laugh all the time at your humor though I am a haphazard visitor. I'm always uplifted by your upbeat ways, and taking LSD in the 80's rather than the 60's is pretty unique.
    Blessings to you. GS