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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams and Me

Robin, we will miss you. I will miss you.

On one of my business cards, it describes me as a cross between Eckhart Tolle, John Denver, and Robin Williams.  I did not come up with that myself. It was laid upon me, more than once, by people trying to describe what I do at my concerts.

I have always loved Robin Williams. One time I got to open up for him at the Throckmorton Theatre in Mill Valley. I was experimenting with stand-up comedy in those days, and this was my crowning achievement in that world.

In the Green Room before the show, we met. We ate Thai food and joked around together. He couldn't stop talking about himself, and that was OK by me. I was fascinated, and took him in on a deep level. Instantly, I picked up that he was a tortured individual, trapped by his own aching empathy for all the pain in the world, troubled by so much, and unable to truly receive the love that came his way.

I saw that he performed, yes, out of love and joy, but also partly because he felt unlovable just being himself.

I so related to him.

Robin was a role model for me, both of how brilliant we humans can be when we let Spirit work through us without hesitation, and also of how much I need to make self-care and self-love more important than talent, fame and fortune.

Without that commitment, I, too, have that self-destruct potential in me, and I have to work consciously each day to honor my sensitivity and channel it to help nurture myself and others.

I, along with so many around the world, am grieving and honoring Robin's passing.

I have been visited by his guides and it seems, in touch with his Spirit, and am offering whatever help I can give to ease and make gentle his transition.

Robin has, sadly, been a demonstration for me of how little money and success have to do with happiness and peace.

May he be at peace, and take as long as a break that he needs from his next performance.

Scott Grace

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