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Friday, February 18, 2011

From Love Seeker To Love Finder

My journey into the heart of love has involved some stages that I imagine most folks can identify with.

1. I am a seeker. Love is outside of me. It's in one special other person and if I find and keep that person I can have love in my life.

2.  I become aware have I have a treasure chest of fears that I've been treasuring that keep me from feeling safe, open and receptive to love. The fears have been running things behind the scenes, and I have denied that I have them, but I am beginning the healing process by being honest with myself and God about them.

3. I challenge my fears, walk through them, offer them up, bring them to the light, let them go, and realize that love is everywhere, especially inside myself!

4. I become a love generator, rather than a love seeker, and the world goes out of its way to shower me with the love that I already am profoundly pouring out.

It is interesting to apply these stages to one's relationship with money. Try replacing the word love with money....

Have FUN!

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